You can learn a calligraphic style in one day and extend this skill with a subject-led project over a weekend. With individual attention, in small groups, projects will be set with your ability in mind; there will be demonstrations throughout the workshops.

Please also see the information below on the School Workshops that I teach.

I offer workshops with individual attention, in small groups with projects set with your ability in mind; there will be demonstrations throughout the workshops. Load your pen with black, black ink and glorious colour and explore the art of beautiful writing in the lovely rural surroundings of England's secret county, Herefordshire.

You will feel inspired, interpret words, explore new paper surfaces, experiment and put pen-like tools to paper, discover the joy of lettering.

I also teach at Westhope College in Craven Arms, Shropshire (if you click on this link it will take you to Westhope College website).

School Workshops

School Workshops are aimed at Key Stage 2 and can be developed as a one-off day workshop or a sustained project to run throughout a week or one day a week throughout the term.

History of Writing

Pictograms, hieroglyphs. Different forms of writing around the world. Examples of materials and their influence on writing forms. Invention of printing and its influence on writing.

Practical Using various implements. Influence of marks. Mark & Pattern making; explore different ways of communicating.


Read and choose from a selection of poems, Ideas on layout. Exploring handwriting. Interpreting sounds of words-exploring size and texture in writing.


Handwriting & Layout. Simple book-making, or Broadsheet


Based on the locality of the school. Based on the individual child’s home. Looking at different types of map. Discovering the influence of terrain. Looking at the ways of using symbols.


Exploring different ways of making maps using various materials.

Adding calligraphic text, title , poetry, history, place names.

Adding symbols.

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Workshops for Adults

  • individual attention

  • small groups

  • demonstrations

School Workshops

  • history of writing

  • poetry

  • maps

  • practical work


Choose between staying in farmhouses, friendly B & B's or luxury country hotels.

Symonds YatLedbury


Partners can choose activities from numerous surrounding attractions such as golf, fishing, antique shop browsing, National Trust properties and the nearby historic towns of Ludlow, Hereford, Malvern and Worcester.

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

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Workshops for Adults